Are you IFRS17 ready?


Systemorph – known as the #TechForInsurance, not #InsurTech – has the most complete IFRS17/9 product lineup on the market.

With our powerful end-to-end platform, we fill the gaps where you struggle, take you successfully across the finish line and offer you a sustainable and profitable business future. No need to switch your current IFRS17 solution provider. The Systemorph Cloud complements your IT landscape and amplifies your desired outcome.


Data story telling. Interactive content. Develop and run. Data story telling. Interactive content. Develop and run. Data story telling. Interactive content. Develop and run.

Serverless. Cloud native. Secure. Serverless. Cloud native. Secure. Serverless. Cloud native. Secure.

Publish. Interact. Collaborate. Publish. Interact. Collaborate. Publish. Interact. Collaborate. Publish. Interact. Collaborate. Publish. Interact. Collaborate.

According to a survey run by Willis Towers Watson, findings showed that:

“Only 40% of the 26 large [insurance] multinationals polled and 20% of the other 244 companies expect to deliver fully prepared programmes on time.”

Willis Towers Watson survey result, IFRS 17: Will we make it?

If you are part of the vast majority having problems, we help you bridge the gaps to ensure an ordered close process in 2023.

Apply for a free 2-hour consultancy workshop

with our team and gain expert advice on any specific challenges you are facing with your IFRS17 implementation. You’ll have time to brief us on the topics that are hindering you from moving forwards along with your current implementation attempt and we’ll guide you on how to proceed.

In the projects we have implemented, we have seen all the common problems of the IFRS17/9 process. No matter which solution you are looking for, we have already built it.

Data Modeling

Data Collection

C-Level Reporting


Process Documentation

Why Systemorph?


With our modular, comprehensive Systemorph IFRS17/9 solution we can assist you by bridging your gaps in the IFRS17 implementation process. By solving all your system needs in one end-to-end platform we lower your Total Cost of Ownership by 10x.

11 years ago, we embarked on the mission to develop an out-of-the-box, technical solution which solves data management processes end-to-end in one single platform. Over the last decade, we have refined the language and features of our tech stack various times and have now completely revamped the platform into a cloud native solution.

Due to the complexity of IFRS17/9 projects, many companies are implementing a fragmented system landscape, which is ultimately difficult to run and operate, and costly to maintain.

With our technology, we have considerably enhanced and streamlined corporate reporting processes to gain factors in efficiency and accuracy.


Our IFRS 17 Solution Suite

We offer the insurance industry’s simplest, fastest to implement, and most flexible IFRS17 software solution. Experience enterprise grade functionality without the usual implementation time, cost, or risk.

Our IFRS17 solution suite is comprehensive, end-to-end and cloud based. It delivers all needed functionality out of the box but with easy customization. The Systemorph platform allows users to mix prose texts, formulae, and numeric examples in one place, ensuring business rules are transparent, and specifications can be understood by multiple departments from technical to business.

Thanks to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology, our customers operate their solution securely in the cloud and receive enhancements automatically throughout the product lifetime.

Streamlined & Simplified

Our ground-breaking product suite enables quick definition and implementation of all applicable IFRS-17 methodologies, including General Measurement Model, Building Block Approach, Premium Allocation Approach, and others.

Comprehensive Solution

Combines data-gathering workflows, a master data hub, a calculation engine, and analytics, reporting and visualization tools into a single platform.

Agile Collaboration

Executes multiple concurrent data management workflows across hierarchical teams, with comprehensive change documentation and controlled reporting, editing, analysis and sign-off tasks based on user roles.

High Data Quality

Provides real-time data validation at all reporting and analysis levels, with formula drill-down to original inputs.


Enhances user productivity via continuous, automated processes providing consistent task repeatability, delegated data management, and centralized aggregation for business process reporting. 


Systemorph continuously innovates the product suite according to client feedback. All clients working with it in the cloud automatically profit from our technical updates. 

Systemorph in 1 minute


Systemorph IFRS17 module 1

Calculation Engine

With our IFRS17 out of the box module you have a great basis to start with. Adapt it easily to your specific data situation and your data methodology with our enterprise ready and comprehensive (terminology) programming language.

Design agnostic

You can use your own frontend. Systemorph also provides the styled output.

Source agnostic

Feed in the data you like from the source you like.

Systemorph IFRS17 module 2

IFRS17/9 C-Level Reporting

The Systemorph IFRS17/9 Reporting module ensures that your experience is real-time and interactive. Free yourself from your static and error-prone manual workflows. Preconfigured data models ensure a high level of automation and navigation. Create the reports you need in an intuitive and flexible way. Use our dynamic and navigable reports in your favorite tools.


Get your instant report anytime.

Navigable storytelling

Every composed figure is navigable. This helps you explain instantly how the figure is composed. This is a great tool for your storytelling.

Systemorph IFRS17 module 3

IFRS17 Steering

Be the captain and steer your business processes! With the Systemorph Insurance Steering Module you’re empowered to control all of your flows.

Performance Management

Business Planning

Forecast IFRS17 Financials

Liquidity Management

Risk Budgeting

The team

We speak actuarial

Systemorph is made up by a team of skilled actuaries and computer scientists who have garnered decades of experience in designing data models, business processes and software systems for complex and large insurance companies. Together they develop our technology and mathematical models. Our knowledge and expertise spans pricing/costing, internal models, economic scenario generation, and operational risk.


What you would miss…

Anna-Maria Bild

Baloise Insurance

Program Lead IFRS 17/9,

Finance Transformation,

Group Finance

Since 2019, Baloise has been building on its cooperation with Systemorph for the development of a comprehensive IFRS17 calculation engine, which will be used productively from 2023.

Werner Vontobel


4executives AG

Systemorph is a team of experts who know the challenges of the insurance industry in detail and, thanks to their innovative technology, implement highly professional solutions exceptionally quickly and reliably.

Thomas Hillebrand



Systemorph provides a unique solution to address complex reporting issues (e.g. managing end-to-end processes across different departments, in real time, with interactive analytics, easy data integration and capable of team collaboration) in a simple, cost-effective, fast and holistic way. Systemorph is the holy grail for IFRS17 reporting.


Systemorph Cloud

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