Systemorph Overview

Company Overview

Systemorph provides data management solutions revolutionizing financial reporting, actuarial and risk functions for insurers.

Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, the company is known for delivering high-performance, tailored data management solutions for a fraction of the cost of custom software development.

Systemorph is led by a team of IT professionals with deep expertise in risk management, enterprise systems, mathematical modeling, information management and enterprise capital management.

A trusted partner to insurers, accounting firms and consultants around the world, Systemorph is ISO 27001:2013 certified and its solutions are hosted with top tier cloud service providers.

Systemorph’s unique Four Week Proof of Concept yields tangible, usable results based on real business data, bringing immediate value to business processes such as those supporting IFRS 17 compliance.

Systemorph’s cloud-based solutions set a new industry benchmark for simple and rapid deployment of highly efficient data management processes in complex data environments

With the ability to integrate with any data source, workflow, system or application, Systemorph’s products fit seamlessly into an enterprise’s IT environment and empower actuaries, risk managers, quantitative risk analysts and financial managers to collaborate and make decisions with more accurate and more consistent information.

The name Systemorph combines the words System and Morphosis, a Greek word for the process of assuming shape and education. Together, these terms describe the Systemorph solutions’ unique flexibility to model any business domain and educate users with critical information essential to modeling risk.