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Becoming a company hero is not always easy. Today’s CFOs are expected to serve as both guardians of stability and agents of transformation. Systemorph Cloud is designed to amplify CFOs to deliver what it takes to shine and becoming that hero.

Our Story

We got started because we want to make your working environment a better one.

By making use of the latest cloud technology, Systemorph Cloud integrates easily into your IT-landscape, and allows you to digitize across your core processes while avoiding the risk of over-investing.

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Roland Bürgi


  • Automation of the various data workflow steps;
    this means freedom from “copy paste” and other related manual operations.
  • Direct control over the business logic behind the application;
    this means freedom from long and costly change management operations with other service providers.
  • Ability to reflect your existing processes in the application;
    this means freedom from having to fit your work into inadequate predefined/standard workflows.
  • Ability to create ad-hoc analysis and present the results as a business web-application, using interactive tables and charts;
    this means that the business user has the right tools it needs to deploy his/her talent.
  • Allow for the end user to make changes on the fly and see the outcome in real-time;
    this means that the end user can directly make changes and find the answers to his/her own questions (e.g. Drill-Down and What-If analysis).

Why it is for you

Strength lies in differences, not in similarities.

— Stephen Covey

Data Sources
Standard Approaches
Adding or removing data sources is difficult to manage or costly and time-consuming
Systemorph Cloud
Potentially unlimited variety of data sources, directly feeding into the own data model
Data Model
Standard Approaches
Data has to be fed in pre-defined formats (BI tools) or the data is captured in an unstructured fashion (e.g. spreadsheets)
Systemorph Cloud
The data model can be defined and changed at will
Transformation, Validation, Enrichment of the Data
Standard Approaches
Usually done at a point in the data workflow which is far from the business team, i.e. non-transparent and difficult to manage
Systemorph Cloud
Defined and managed by the business team
Data analysis, Computations
Standard Approaches
Static reports and charts
Systemorph Cloud
Defined and managed by the business team. State-of-the-art libraries including Systemorph ones
Standard Approaches
Ranging from state-of-the-art to non-transparent and difficult to manage
Systemorph Cloud
Interactive reports and charts, with Real-Time, Drill-Down and What-If features
Standard Approaches
Ranging from files (e.g. spreadsheets) to modern but complex web applications
Systemorph Cloud
Web application, also usable from mobile devices
Standard Approaches
Complex and usually done by developing teams (i.e. far from business)
Systemorph Cloud
Done by the business team via Notebooks
Business Team Collaboration
Standard Approaches
Usually non-existent
Systemorph Cloud
Strong, with the business team responsible for the development lying close to the end-users
Standard Approaches
Usually restricted to pre-defined data types
Systemorph Cloud
Applicable to all data types and configurable; Versioned data
Processes, Documentation
Standard Approaches
Usually not available
Systemorph Cloud
Documents (emails, PDFs, etc) can be uploaded and connected to the corresponding data elements
Process Workflow
Standard Approaches
Usually linear and pre-defined
Systemorph Cloud
Configurable in order to reflect the own existing processes

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