Case Study Executive Summary for Swiss Re Case Study

A leading global reinsurer partners with Systemorph to improve their Reference Data System pursuing simplified administration and increased transparency of their business-relevant parameters

To ensure business decisions are based on the best available data to drive the business systematically, leading global insurer Swiss Re decided to centralize all business-relevant parameters and serve them to all internal systems.

Aiming to increase transparency and ease the maintenance of these parameters, Swiss Re joined forces with Systemorph to create a new Reference Data System (RDS).

The new system is called “RDS+” and utilizes Systemorph’s Data Management solution, built on the Systemorph Vertex platform.

Request the Swiss Re Case Study to learn why Swiss Re chose Systemorph:

  • Delegated data management with centralized control
  • Unique data auditing and versioning capabilities
  • Advanced business logic that fills the gaps between data sources and groups
  • Rapid deployment at lower cost

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