Case Study Executive Summary for Zurich Insurance Case Study

Streamlining IFRS 17 processes and reporting at Zurich Insurance with Systemorph' Vertex Data Management Platform

International Financial Reporting Standard 17 (IFRS 17) will go into effect in 2022 and will establish internationally consistent accounting for insurance contracts.

Zurich Insurance Company Ltd. (Zurich) has selected Systemorph’s IFRS 17 Reporting Solution for achieving compliance with the new international reporting standard in a number of its local Life businesses.

“Since we serve customers in many markets, we needed a data management solution that would streamline the collection, validation, calculation and analysis of data across a wide range of sources and teams,” said Brian Bissett, Chief Group Actuary, at Zurich. “We chose the Systemorph solution because it offers advanced automation, intuitive operation, and flexible reporting that can be deployed quickly across our business units.”

Request the Zurich Case Study to learn why Zurich selected Systemorph’s solution for IFRS 17:

  • Automation of data gathering, reporting and analysis processes.
  • Intuitive reporting and collaboration tools that streamline reporting and reduce errors.
  • Easy, rapid model definition and a powerful calculation engine for more project flexibility.
  • A comprehensive, end-to-end solution that eliminates time-wasting technical issues.

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