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Becoming a company hero is not always easy. Today’s CFOs are expected to serve as both guardians of stability and agents of transformation.

Systemorph Cloud brings you to the world of interactive content, where you can interact with your reports, analysis, tables and charts like never before and get all the answers you need.

Dear CFO, use this technology to deliver what it takes to shine and become that hero!

Our Story

We got started because we want your answers to be only a few clicks away.


Our clients are very surprised to see how easily the Systemorph Cloud technology integrates into their IT-landscape.

And when they finally see the low cost of it, they are totally amazed.

Roland Bürgi, CEO


Your benefits.

  • Interactive content, so that end users can interact in real-time with the tables, charts, other analysis; this means end-users can easily perform What-If and Drill-Down analysis to find the answers they need.
  • Ability to quickly bring ad-hoc analysis to life and make them available as interactive business web-applications; The business user has the right tools to react to changing needs and fulfil them with new business insights.
  • Collaborative ecosystem; The team can work on common documents in a controlled fashion and engage in a transparent dialogue, where it is clear who has changed what and what the reasons behind those changes are.
  • Direct control over the business logic behind the application; this means getting rid of long and costly change management operations with any service providers.
  • Automation of data workflow steps; freedom from “copy paste” and other error prone-related manual operations.
  • Ability to reflect your existing processes in the application; this means freedom from having to fit into inadequate predefined workflows.
  • Audit-proof collaboration; The team can collaborate and does not need to worry about log files and versioning; all output is audit proof.

Why it is for you

Strength lies in differences, not in similarities.

— Stephen Covey

Managing data sources
Standard Approaches
Systemorph Cloud
Structuring the data
Standard Approaches
Systemorph Cloud
Transforming, validating and enriching the data
Standard Approaches
Systemorph Cloud
Data analysis and calculations
Standard Approaches
Systemorph Cloud
Clear to read-through
Visualizations (e.g. reports and charts)
Standard Approaches
Systemorph Cloud
Usability (e.g. on mobile devices)
Standard Approaches
Systemorph Cloud
Modern and intuitive
Changing the business logic
Standard Approaches
Delegated to technical teams
Systemorph Cloud
Done by the business team
Ecosystem for the business users
Standard Approaches
Systemorph Cloud
Standard Approaches
Systemorph Cloud
Documentation of the users work
Standard Approaches
Systemorph Cloud
Linked to the data
Process workflows
Standard Approaches
Systemorph Cloud

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