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We deliver since more than 10 years cloud-based,  groundbreaking and unique commercial solutions for big enterprises, such as SwissRe, Baloise Group, Zurich Group and SIX Group. We are about to build the next level cloud platform, where everyone can profit from those development efforts and use them without the need of a costly and time consuming IT project.

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Swiss Re

The project RDS+ (Reference Data Service Plus)

It is a solution for Master Data Management (MDM) and is used by all primary insurance and reinsurance companies of the Swiss Re Group. No matter in which line of business worldwide and which of the many Swiss Re Pricing Tools you are working, each insurance policy of the Swiss Re Group is calculated based on data served by RDS+.

Baloise Group

Systemorphs IFRS 17 solution

IFRS 17 is the biggest regulatory challenge for the insurance industry to date. It is the first truly international, comprehensive accounting standard for insurance. Furthermore IFRS 17 is a principle-based standard, which means that there are no defined compliance criteria. Even worse, the actuarial calculations on the future estimates of e.g. the Contract Service Margin (CSM) have a direct effect on the balance sheet which is the reason why insurances are super careful whom to work with for implementing this solution.

Zurich Group

GLAD (Global Life Actuarial Data) implementation

GLAD System is Zurich´s Life Reporting solution. It is used for group wide Life Reporting purposes. Systemorph implemented the solution at the customer within 9 months and achieved a 50% reduction of cost of operation.


Next level risk management

SIX Group was managing its risk parameters in a non-integrated way with underlying manual business processes. By using the Systemorph platform the management of the parameters was brought to a professional and reliable level.

Solutions overview

Systemorph Cloud & SaaS

Server-less data management and extraction platform with best-in-class capabilities & real-time rendering based on gaming technology; SaaS (e.g. for IFRS17 reporting) custom projects and support for complex implementations

Systemorph Notebook

Revolutionary notebook with built-in interactive visualization features & toolset.

NEW: Community

Cloud-native and SaaS product suite will have an usage-based pricing. The community will be guided and empowered to build interactive business applications. Our enterprise-grade solution will increase the productivity and optimize the affected business process management.

One-stop-shop for interactive content based on gaming technology.


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