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Is it possible to start with IFRS17 today and still be on time to see your financial results? Yes, with the Systemorph Cloud (SMC) IFRS17 Calculation Engine you can.

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SMC IFRS17 Template

You do not start from scratch.


We provide a standard working IFRS17 template that can be used immediately. Explore all the available features and play with the examples we have prepared. Or just create your own copy and import your data to see what your numbers look like.


With our IFRS17 out-of-the-box template you have a great basis to start with. Adapt it easily to your specific data situation and your actuarial methodology.


IFRS17 template project

SMC Calculation Engine

The only open source IFRS17 implementation on the market.


The SMC IFRS17 Solution implemented on SMC technology is the first and only professional open source IFRS17 solution worldwide. Full transparency, control, and flexibility to be adjusted to your needs.


You will not only access specifications and actuarial documentation but also the full source code. Moreover, you can extend and adapt the standard solution to fulfill your needs. And all it takes is to register in the SMC portal.

Calculation Engine Project

Systemorph Cloud

Hosting the world’s first open source IFRS17 Calculation Engine.


Systemorph Cloud is a novel cloud platform for business persons to create professional business applications. Manage your data across multiple sources in a structured business with adequate controls to achieve the highest data quality.



Modular and end-to-end

The SMC IFRS17 Solution is modular and covers all critical aspects of an IFRS17 implementation. You may use it end-to-end or simply pick and choose the functionality you need to achieve a professional IFRS17 business application. See some of our examples:


How to begin

All you need to start is to register in the SMC Portal. The SMC IFRS17 Solution is included in any subscription plan without any additional costs.

Yes, it is entirely for free.



And you are not alone.
We have a team of IFRS17 experts available to support upon request.

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Use cases for the SMC IFRS17 solution

IFRS17 Accounting Solution

  • Import your data and calculate your:
    • Present Values
    • Risk Adjustment
    • CSM/LC and
    • the Financial Performance.
  • Analyze and understand your financials.
  • Produce your Accounting Events.

IFRS17 C-Level Reporting

  • Real-time and interactive reporting anywhere.
  • Free yourself from your static and error-prone manual workflows.
  • Preconfigured data models ensure a high level of automation and navigation.
  • Create the reports you need in an intuitive and flexible way.
  • Use our dynamic and navigable reports in your favorite tools.

Solve Specific IFRS17 Problems

  • Import and transform input data using an intuitive business language.
  • Compute Present Values and Analysis of Change steps.
  • Allocate / Aggregate data to the desired granularity of your Group of Contracts (Unit of Account).
  • Create intuitive reports for detailed analysis on the fly.
  • Compute projections and sensitivities.

IFRS17 Test and Benchmark Engine

  • Have a second implementation and compare all calculations with the results you already have.
  • Write numerical tests for your systems.
  • Create a robust fallback alternative to avoid unpleasant surprises.

IFRS17 Business Insights and Steering

  • Define scenarios and compare them to your reference IFRS17 best estimate.
  • Forecast your business under IFRS17.
  • Performance Management
  • Business Planning
  • Forecast IFRS17 Financials
  • Liquidity Management
  • Risk Budgeting

Why Systemorph?


We’ve revolutionized the way IFRS17 is built.

We offer the simplest, fastest to implement and most flexible IFRS17 software solution. Experience enterprise-grade functionality without the usual implementation time, cost, or risk.

The SMC IFRS17 Solution is comprehensive, end-to-end and cloud-native. It delivers all needed functionality out of the box and allows for easy customization.

The implementation interface is based on SMC Notebooks and allows users to mix prose texts, formulae, and numeric examples in one place, ensuring business rules are transparent, and specifications can be understood by multiple departments from technical to business.

Streamlined & Simplified

Our ground-breaking product suite enables quick definition and implementation of all applicable IFRS17 methodologies.

Comprehensive Solution

Combines data-gathering workflows, a master data hub, a calculation engine, smart analytics, reporting and visualization tools into a single platform.

Agile Collaboration

Executes multiple concurrent data management workflows across hierarchical teams, with comprehensive change documentation and controlled reporting, editing, analysis and sign-off tasks based on user roles.

High Data Quality

Provides real-time data validation at all reporting and analysis levels, with formula drill-down to original inputs.


Enhances user productivity via continuous, automated processes providing consistent task repeatability, delegated data management, and centralized aggregation for business process reporting. 


Systemorph continuously innovates the product suite according to client feedback. All clients working with it in the cloud automatically profit from our technical updates. 


Systemorph in 1 minute




Simon Steinbach



Systemorph was selected as our trusted partner to develop the technical IFRS17 solution of YOUPLUS. Through this partnership we benefit from direct and effective collaboration with their team which has deep knowledge of the insurance business. Combined with Systemorph’s proprietary cutting-edge technology, we feel confident in being able to fulfil the IFRS17 requirements.

Anna-Maria Bild

Baloise Insurance

Program Lead IFRS 17/9,

Finance Transformation,

Group Finance

Since 2019, Baloise has been building on its cooperation with Systemorph for the development of a comprehensive IFRS17 calculation engine, which will be used productively from 2023.

Werner Vontobel


4executives AG

Systemorph is a team of experts who know the challenges of the insurance industry in detail and, thanks to their innovative technology, implement highly professional solutions exceptionally quickly and reliably.

Thomas Hillebrand



Systemorph provides a unique solution to address complex reporting issues (e.g. managing end-to-end processes across different departments, in real time, with interactive analytics, easy data integration and capable of team collaboration) in a simple, cost-effective, fast and holistic way. Systemorph is the holy grail for IFRS17 reporting.