Do you have an IFRS 17 Lifeboat on board?

IFRS 17 Lifeboat

In oceangoing vessels, a lifeboat is a small version of a ship that has the same capabilities as a ship but on a limited scale. Similarly in our industry, an IFRS 17 Lifeboat enables you to implement and operate your model against real data on a smaller scale, to validate your strategy and your IFRS 17 project plan

Zurich & Systemorph Deliver Keynote Presentation on IFRS 17 Reporting

On March 11-13 in London, our CEO and founder Dr. Roland Bürgi and Zurich’s Group Chief Actuary Brian Bissett will deliver a keynote presentation at the Marcus Evans conference. The discussion will cover the impact on core insurance, investment, actuarial and reporting systems, and will describe changes, flexibility requirements and new features for IFRS 17.