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IFRS Solution Roundtable:
Turning challenge into opportunity

The most successful people know that every challenge represents an opportunity in disguise.

That means that IFRS 17 represents a tremendous opportunity for the insurance industry to reinvent how its data is managed, analyzed and reported.

At Systemorph, we’re pleased to bring together insurance industry and technology leaders – including Zurich, Baloise, Microsoft and Synpulse – to explore the data management challenges and solutions for complying with the new IFRS 17 reporting requirements.

The Second Systemorph Solution Roundtable will take place Thursday, 16 May 2019, from 13:30 – 17:45 at the Management Briefing Center, Microsoft Switzerland, Richtistrasse 3, Wallisellen, Switzerland.

The event will focus on IFRS 17 reporting compliance projects and will be a forum for information exchange and dialogue. We are keen to learn from all participants about their successes and challenges.

Earlier this year, we announced our IFRS 17 project with Zurich and the roundtable will be an opportunity to do a deep dive review of the challenges, solutions and outcomes presented by such compliance projects.

Seats are limited so please register as soon as possible at Registration closes May 9.

Get in touch today to reserve your space at the Systemorph IFRS 17 Solution Roundtable.

IFRS 17 is slated to go into effect in 2021, with a proposed extension to 2022.

The new international standard promises to transform how insurance companies gather and report data.

At Systemorph, we have helped financial services organizations to revolutionize their financial reporting and data management platforms for many years.

Based on that experience, we advise our customers to use opportunities like IFRS 17 to revisit and modernize their approaches to data management.

Systemorph’s IFRS 17 Reporting Solution automates and streamlines end-to-end data gathering, calculating, analyzing and reporting for IFRS 17 compliance.

You can deploy our platform to provide rapid definition and implementation of all applicable IFRS-17 methodologies, including General Measurement Model, Building Block Approach, Premium Allocation Approach, Variable Fee Approach (VFA) and others. Built on our innovative Vertex Platform, the Systemorph solution combines data-gathering workflows, a master data hub, a calculation engine, and analytics, reporting and visualization tools into a single solution.

It enhances user productivity via continuous, automated processes. It enables consistent task repeatability, delegated data management, and centralized aggregation for business process reporting for effective IFRS 17 compliance.

Systemorph’s innovative financial data management solutions provide you with a powerful platform for your IFRS 17 reporting process. Learn more about the best practices for IFRS 17 compliance in our expert series of articles.