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New Webinar: How nimble is your IFRS 17 reporting process?

All eyes in the insurance industry are focused on how to comply with
the new international reporting requirement, IFRS 17.

The new requirement is radically changing the industry’s approach to reporting and it is leading many companies to transform data management overall.

The key to successful IFRS 17 compliance is to make your data management and reporting processes more nimble.

Achieving that is the focus of our partner Synpulse’s webinar next week on IFRS 17 compliance.

The webinar on April 9 will explore the lessons learned in IFRS 17 compliance projects and will include a discussion of best practices, practical advice and a live demo of the Systemorph IFRS 17 Solution.

Learn more about the webinar and register here.

The Systemorph solution automates and simplifies the end-to-end gathering, calculation, analysis and reporting of data for IFRS 17 compliance.

By deploying our Vertex Platform, you can streamline the definition and implementation of all applicable IFRS-17 methodologies, including General Measurement Model, Building Block Approach, the Premium Allocation Approach as well as the Variable Fee Approach (VFA).

IFRS17 mockup

The solution provides comprehensive change documentation and controlled reporting, editing, analysis and sign-off tasks for users based on their roles. The result is a streamlined, efficient and nimble reporting process.

The solution also enhances user productivity thanks to consistent task repeatability, delegated data management, and centralized aggregation of inputs and analysis for business process reporting.

And to ensure data for reporting and decision-making is highly accurate and current, the solution provides real-time data validation at all reporting and analysis levels. You can execute formula drill-downs to see the original inputs for the reporting process.

These capabilities are key to nimble data management and reporting that can prepare your organization to comply with IFRS 17

To learn more, sign up today for the webinar with Synpulse.

Systemorph’s innovative financial data management solutions provide you with a powerful platform for your IFRS 17 reporting process. Learn more about the best practices for IFRS 17 compliance in our expert series of articles.