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Ready for IFRS 17? Join us at the IFRS 17 Forum to learn about challenges and solutions for implementation projects

IFRS 17 is bringing about a massive transformation in financial data management for many in the insurance industry. 

The new global standard for insurance financial reporting, IFRS 17 is causing companies to change the very foundations of data management, including how data is collected, aggregated, analyzed and reported.  

How these projects are proceeding will be the focus of the Center for Financial Professionals 4th Edition IFRS 17 Forum, which will take place in London on September 24, 2019. 

  • How is your IFRS 17 compliance project proceeding compared to others in the industry?
  • What sort of challenges, solutions and best practices are we learning as these projects move along?
  • Which milestones and benchmarks are in sight for successful projects as we head toward the compliance deadline?

These and many other questions will be addressed in the forum, which will feature presentations by IFRS 17 experts from ZurichDeutsche BankSkandia GroupAllianz SE and Systemorph, along with many others. 

Our Founder and CEO Dr. Roland Bürgi will deliver a presentation highlighting our experience and lessons learned in IFRS 17 compliance and financial reporting implementation projects. 

He will share the status of ongoing IFRS 17 projects, describe project challenges and solutions, and cover the “Dos and don’ts” of implementations based on our experience. The session will include a demo of the Systemorph IFRS 17 solution based on our revolutionary data management platform

These lessons and practical project advice are also the focus of our IFRS 17 Implementation Best Practices series of articles, including pieces written by Dr. Daniel Trzesniak, Head of Systemorph’s IFRS 17 Initiative. Daniel will serve as the IFRS 17 Forum event moderator. 

Learn more about the event and register

Our IFRS 17 Solution automates and simplifies the end-to-end gathering, calculation, analysis and reporting of data for IFRS 17 compliance

The solution enables quick definition and implementation of all applicable IFRS-17 methodologies, including General Measurement Model, Building Block Approach, Premium Allocation Approach and others. 

Built on our innovative Vertex Platform, the solution combines multiple essential data management elements into a single offering, including data-gathering workflows, a master data hub, a calculation engine, along with analytics, reporting and visualization tools. 

Systemorph’s IFRS 17 solution enhances user productivity by supporting continuous, automated processes that feature consistent task repeatability, delegated data management, and centralized aggregation for reporting and analysis. 

The solution also features real-time data validation at all reporting and analysis levels, drill-downs to original inputs, and powerful yet intuitive data management tools driven by hierarchical workflows and task management.