Systemorph IFRS 17
Compliance Series

Implementation Best Practices

What is IFRS 17 Compliance Series about?

Our new IFRS 17 compliance implementation best practices series provides deep dives into success factors and common pitfalls involved in getting your end-to-end IFRS 17 reporting process up and running.

See how a financial data management platform forms the backbone of an architecture that enables CFOs, actuaries and accountants to meet tight deadlines, run scenarios, and control P&L volatility under the new IFRS 17 accounting standard.

Our Contributors

Dr. Daniel Trzesniak

Daniel is Head of the IFRS 17 Initiative at Systemorph leading the IFRS 17 product strategy and product development. He is also leading customer IFRS 17 implementation projects hands-on. Before joining Systemorph in 2015 he obtained his PhD with emphasis on computer simulation and modelling. After that he worked over 8 years in the reinsurance industry at Swiss Re. First as a pricing actuary developing costing models for treaty business. Then as treaty underwriter where he also gained experience as reinsurance treaty structurer… Read more “Dr. Daniel Trzesniak”

Othmar Stehlik

Othmar is Senior Advisor and IFRS 17 Evangelist at Systemorph managing IFRS 17 implementation projects. Before joining Systemorph he worked in the actuarial field for over ten years both directly in line manager positions as well as in consulting. He was with Baloise and Zurich Insurance Group having roles as reporting actuary and economic capital manager. In these roles he developed valuation models, financial reporting processes and frameworks for optimised balance sheet steering. In Othmar’s recent role as management consultant with Deloitte and… Read more “Othmar Stehlik”