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Systemorph at aoc 2020: Is N = 1 the future of insurance?

The world of a decade from now will be marked by great transformation in how we communicate, travel, work and relax.

As automation and technology-driven services change our lifestyles and workstyles, we will see accompanying changes in how insurance is bought and used.

That is one of the insights shared by Andreas Grigull, Systemorph’s Managing Director-Germany, as part of the actuview online conference, aoc2020, in September.

The typical consumer finds himself surrounded by micro-transactions as they move through the day, engaging in seamless digital transactions as they travel, purchase goods and services, and interact with a range of different companies.

In some cases, these purchases are protected by numerous small insurance contracts tied to each good or service.

If you extend this trend for another decade, insurance may become an array of micro-coverages tied to each customer interaction and transaction, Andreas explained.

In that sense, every company may become its own insurance company, supplying coverage as it is needed for each service or good sold, serving each consumer as a population of one, or n=1.

Or another model may emerge which instead would see each consumer covered by a flat-rate policy that includes provisions to cover their various activities and transactions that are activated only as needed.

View the many insights and predictions in Andreas’ presentation here: