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Systemorph & the Insurance Data Management Revolution – Business Reporter

Data management for the insurance industry is going through a revolution, and Systemorph’s unique solutions are leading the way.

Systemorph CEO and Founder Dr. Roland Bürgi and Head of Marketing Dr. Daniel Trzesniak are featured in a new video interview published by Business Reporter, an award-winning UK-based business publication. Business Reporter presenter Alastair Greener leads the discussion, which focuses on how the insurance industry’s approach to data management is transforming:

  • Traditional approaches to data management build-out are too slow and costly for today’s increasingly agile businesses.
  • Integration and management of data across multiple sources demands a modern approach to software design and implementation, such as with cloud technologies.
  • Rapid development and iterations allows business managers to be hands-on with systems, allowing immediate feedback and adjustment for significantly more effective solutions.

The revolution in data management is driven by the need to reduce data management project costs but most importantly to enable business decision-making to be based on higher quality data that is more readily available.

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