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Systemorph to contribute as speaker on the 1st actuview online conference aoc2020 – “future | actuary” in September 2020

The international actuarial streaming platform actuview will be hosting its own online event in September 2020. Under the headline “future | actuary” the international actuarial community will address the current developments in the actuarial profession and address future challenges.

Technology has always played a large role in the actuarial profession. Just a few years ago it was normal to start (e.g. a Monte-Carlo-simulation) on your computer in the evening, go home and have a good sleep. Coming back in the office the next morning the first thing to do was to check if the computer calculation run has succeeded or not. Since the rise of cloud computing these – not so good – old days are over. Unlimited calculation power at your fingertips is available and vastly used through actuaries across the world.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will also change the profession. While at former times data preparation and data wrangling was taking up the most time of an actuary, this will change in the future. Can those technologies replace an actuary – of course not – at least in the foreseeable future. But his role must change. He will rather orchestrate the reporting and underwriting process as actually build it.

These are just some of the topics discussed in this lively conference. Systemorph will participate in 2 topics talking and hold presentations about the implications of AI & ML on the profession of the actuary and the industry as a whole.

We are looking forward to enrich a lively and important discussion.