The Systemorph Vertex Platform

Cloud-based foundation of the Systemorph products
Rapid integration, simple deployment, easy customization
Captures, controls, communicates data

The Vertex Platform

Systemorph’s revolutionary products are built on the company’s unique Vertex Platform, a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service technology that automates key data management functions.

Vertex enables Systemorph products to centralize the capture, communications and control of financial services data. It powers the essential operations and features that are central to the Systemorph products for data management, regulatory reporting, risk management and other business processes.

Data Modeling

  • Simple and intuitive data modeling language.
  • Clear data responsibility and access.
  • Validations ensuring high data quality.


  • Decentralize data ownership to business experts.
  • Avoid unnecessary and risk-prone data duplication.
  • Annotate data with comments and attachments.

Versioning, Data Lineage and Auditability

  • Control of data versions, including all the dependencies between entities
  • Audit trail compliant with regulation requirements
  • Create variants of your data for stress testing or sensitivity analysis


  • Optimized for integration with data warehouses, business applications and calculation software
  • Inject business logic to bridge gaps between data sources
  • Centralize data management in your organization
Simple data management

Because of its modern, cloud-based architecture and features, Vertex provides unique capabilities that transform data management.

  • Comprehensive data management functions including data-gathering workflows, a master data hub, a calculation engine, and analytics, reporting and visualization tools
  • “One version of the truth” – consistent, updated values tied to inputs
  • “Live” tracking of all data dependencies for continuous data validation
  • Simple drill downs to all underlying data
  • Multiple concurrent workflows for data management and reporting
  • Intuitive context-based navigation with full control over user roles, access, reporting & editing rights
  • Communication and collaboration across multiple users, multiple tasks, multiple data sources
  • Comprehensive documentation of context & reasons for data values

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