What is SaaS-Plus?
How Does it Revolutionize Data Management?

Traditional 80/20 rule

20% of the cost is initial build, 80% of the cost is maintenance. In the SaaS Plus model, we offer the entire lifecycle at the price of the maintenance.

Traditional Software Development Cost

The Vertex platform and our products are SaaS-Plus solutions. That means:

  • Systemorph operates the solution for you as Software-as-a-Service, with a predictable, transparent subscription fee.
  • All needed functionality is available out of the box but with easy customization thanks to cloud-powered technology.
  • You receive end-to-end comprehensive service, from building the solution, to running and adapting it throughout the lifecycle.
  • The solution adapts as your data management needs evolve, with seamless changes to modeling, reporting, workflows and associated business processes.
  • You automatically receive all solution updates, enhancements and new functionality for as long as your subscription is active.