Financial Reporting

Flexible Reporting, Visualization, Analytics

Better data-driven decision-making & regulatory reporting
Slice & dice data on demand
Rapid iteration, stress testing, sensitive analysis

Systemorph’s Financial Reporting Solution creates a comprehensive reporting process for highly efficient data gathering, aggregation, analysis and reporting.

Powered by Systemorph’s unique cloud-based technology, the solution enables insurers to collect and generate reports with current data from varied sources for better data-driven decisions and more flexible report publication.

  • Delegate data input tasks, aggregate data in correct sequence and timing for reports
  • Manage parallel reporting workflows across hierarchies, layers, groups
  • Audit data and report versioning across time, objectives, stakeholders
  • Conduct continuous multi-layer validation to ensure reports are current with changes to inputs
  • Generate impactful, relevant reports and powerful visualizations on demand
  • Create high-efficiency reporting processes for regulatory reporting and compliance with standards such as IFRS 17

Maximum flexibility

Traditional reporting processes and tools are constrained by rigid upfront specifications, slow data gathering processes and a lack of data validation. The resulting reports are inflexible, quickly out of date and not reliable.

Systemorph’s Financial Reporting Solution gives you maximum reporting flexibility.

  • Create

    Slice and dice data for new scenarios, different audiences, with powerful visualizations you can define on the fly

  • Test

    Create variants for stress testing, sensitivity analysis, model and methodology testing

  • Rely

    Continuous validation of data at all levels down to inputs for high reliability data

Delegated inputs, centralized control

Classic reporting processes often involve many complex steps of data requests, responses, aggregation, calculation, correction, consolidation and so on. The result is messy, slow, complex reporting.

Systemorph’s solution enables you to create structured, parallel business processes across the organization for comprehensive, repeatable reporting.

  • Control

    Delegate data inputs, manage flexible scheduling, ensure data delivery on business process timelines, eliminate process bottlenecks.

  • Consolidate

    Aggregate inputs, calculate outputs, deploy data in the correct sequences for business reporting processes

  • Validate

    Ensure data accuracy and validity at all levels for all inputs and derivatives, with a full audit trail and versioning across all users at all times

Flexible Reporting Diagram
Flexible Reporting Diagram

Agile collaboration

Reporting across multiple teams, groups and regions can be immensely complex. The communications and collaboration to arrive at consistent results can consume many cycles of often manual communication steps.

Systemorph’s reporting solution simplifies and automates communications and data reporting workflows, for truly agile collaboration.

  • Comunicate

    Operate seamless cross-organization communication, inputs, queries, sign-off and other tasks.

  • Verify

    Confirm data with live tracking of multi-layer dependencies down to inputs, for continuous validation and verification of accuracy.

  • Execute

    Enjoy simple, intuitive operation that makes user tasks as simple as running a smartphone app.

What Is SaaS-Plus? How Does it Revolutionize Data Management?

The Vertex platform and our products are SaaS-Plus solutions. That means your data management system will be future-proofed, your costs are predictable, and the solution evolves as your data management needs change.