Four Week Proof of Concept

The Four Week Proof of Concept

Industry’s simplest & fastest deployment
Real-world results in weeks not months or years
Enterprise grade functionality without the time, cost or risk

Systemorph’s unique cloud-based technology simplifies the creation of data models, the integration of data sources, and the execution of workflow-driven data management.

The technology is so revolutionary, we can deploy a tailored data management solution in your environment, operating with your real-world data, in as little as four weeks.

Compare that to the months and years it takes for a traditional data management system build-out. You will see why Systemorph has become the partner of choice for insurers looking to deploy high-efficiency, high-impact data management processes.

All the power, none of the wait

Our solutions are built on our unique cloud-based Vertex Platform . By using cloud technology to integrate data sources and engage users, the products built on Vertex can be quickly adapted to any insurer’s environment and objectives.

The result is enterprise grade data management capabilities without the drawn-out, very expensive software coding and customization projects.

We’ll deliver an operational data management system tailored to your needs faster than it takes other data management companies to schedule their project kickoff meeting.

Summary of IFRS 17 PoC deliverables:

  • Test implementation of methodology.
  • Refinement of methodology.
  • Computation of IFRS17 financial statements
    for selected portfolios.
  • Roadmap for IFRS17 implementation.
  • Architecture and Cost Production.
  • Buy-in of the organization.

Insurance data management, actuarial data analysis, regulatory reporting, IFRS 17 compliance, risk management and control, and risk quantification and aggregation are some of the many areas that Systemorph solutions are deployed.

Know the cost, today and tomorrow

The Vertex platform and our products are SaaS-Plus solutions. That means they are delivered to you as Software-as-a-Service, with a predictable, transparent subscription fee.

“SaaS-Plus” means you will automatically receive all system updates, enhancements and new functionality for as long as your subscription is active.

This leads to complete transparency and predictable project costs now and for the lifetime of your data management system.

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