Insurer Data Management Solution

Simple Management of Complex Data

Workflow-driven inputs, calculation, analysis, reporting
High quality data with real-time validation at all layers
Flexible modeling & agile collaboration

Systemorph’s Insurer Data Management Solution creates high-efficiency, flexible and repeatable business processes for collection and analysis of data for insurers.

Powered by Systemorph’s breakthrough cloud-based Vertex Platform technology, the Data Management Solution enables insurers to gather data across the organization, aggregate and analyze flexible models.

  • Simple, intuitive data input and validation at all layers and across all groups
  • Consistent gathering and management of data of varying granularity
  • Comprehensive documentation of context and reasons for data values
  • Agile collaboration and communications across multiple users, multiple tasks, multiple data sources
  • Versioning across time, objectives and stakeholders
  • Real-time, multi-layer validations all the way down to raw inputs
  • Customize data management to your exact needs without the cost and time lost in traditional custom software projects

Delegated data responsibility, centralized control

Classic data management approaches are hampered by the need to collect data from many different sources and users, using many different tools and processes, with often manual input and validation. The results are inconsistent inputs, slow processes, misaligned input schedules, and many other problems.

Systemorph’s data management solution gives you powerful data input and aggregation tools that bring consistency, efficiency and repeatability to your data management processes.

  • Streamline

    Eliminate data input and analysis bottlenecks with multiple current workflows for highly efficient scheduling

  • Aggregate

    Deploy data and derivatives to the central business process in the correct sequence

  • Delegate

    Assign users to manage and update data inputs and flow changes through all layers in real-time

Use Cases

Master Data Management

  • Administer master data for entire business domains.
  • Manage assumptions and parameters for calculation systems centrally.
  • Communicate data across all stakeholders and systems.
  • Utilize full data versioning and drill-downs to inputs.
  • Centralize data management in while maintaining local customization flexibility.


  • Create central information broker from which all pricing tools consume master data and pricing parameters.
  • Manage pricing inputs, parameters and calculation.
  • Seamless, consistent collaboration across business units.
  • Transparently publish and serve data versions concurrently, so that the impact of changes can be moderated.


  • Capture data from feeder systems to build master data hub for IFRS 17 reporting.
  • Implement General Measurement Model, Building Block Approach, Premium Allocation Approach or other models.
  • Agile collaboration across all stakeholders with flexible modelling and reporting.
  • Focus on business content, not the technology, addressing the main cost component of compliance projects.

Collection & Reporting

  • Promote better data-driven decisions with flexible reporting, visualization and analytics.
  • Break reporting processes down into data packs for flexible scheduling in the business process.
  • Document and manage input tasks, changes, review, sign-off and updates at all layers of the organization.
  • Use domain-specific languages for report generation.
  • Create variants of data for stress testing or sensitivity analysis, or to test methodology.

Automation for agile collaboration

Inconsistent tools and manual processes can make for major data management headaches, as user errors, delays, and data rework can cascade through the entire data management process.

Systemorph’s data management solution automates data gathering and calculation, with easily defined workflows guiding users through simple intuitive steps and tools.

  • Automate

    Break down processes into user tasks following workflows for consistent and timely inputs, aggregation, calculation and reporting

  • Simplify

    Empower your users to be more productive with the highly intuitive interface as simple as running a smartphone app

  • Collaborate

    Enable your users to communicate, comment, validate and sign-off on data at all layers and through all dependencies

Customize without the high price tag

Traditional data management system projects are incredibly expensive, time-consuming and high risk. The build-out of software can take many months if not years before production deployment is possible. Your business managers are consumed with system deployment and not focusing on the business.

Systemorph’s unique cloud-based product enables a highly tailored, customized data management system to be operational in weeks, without the time and expense of traditional software build-out.

  • Tailor

    Customize data management process, steps, workflows to your exact needs with simple configuration and administration tools

  • Focus

    Enable your business managers to focus on business content, not on systems, software and technology

  • Modify

    Create new models, change methodologies, invoke new workflows, and modify user activities on the fly, without breaking the data management process

Simple data management

Our breakthrough technology is so adaptable and easy to configure, we offer a Four Week Proof of Concept that operates with your real-world data, producing immediately usable results.

This revolutionary approach to data management and reporting is made possible by Systemorph’s groundbreaking Vertex Platform.

What Is SaaS-Plus? How Does it Revolutionize Data Management?

The Vertex platform and our products are SaaS-Plus solutions. That means your data management system will be future-proofed, your costs are predictable, and the solution evolves as your data management needs change.