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We offer the most flexible IFRS17 solution on the market covering a multitude of use cases. Have a look at them below. Our solution is open source, so that you can explore and analyze our problem-solving approach before you commit to anything.

Just follow the link to our standard IFRS17 Template and see how easily you can adapt the business logic to fulfill the requirements you need for your case.

Master Business Steering and Financial Analysis under IFRS17

Enhancing your existing IFRS17 accounting solution with the power of Systemorph.

Take advantage of our technology and take your IFRS17 results into a professional Steering Business Application bringing together all relevant KPI’s to control and steer your business according to your strategy.

Make use of intuitive dashboards and views where you can see your IFRS17 earnings, Solvency positions, Liquidity and other KPI’s together. Everything integrated in one place, so you are in control all the time.

The Systemorph IFRS17 Use Cases

The Systemorph Cloud (SMC) IFRS17 Solution implemented on SMC technology is the first and only professional open-source IFRS17 solution worldwide. Full transparency, control, and flexibility to be adjusted to your needs. 

You will not only access specifications and actuarial documentation, but also the full source code. Moreover, you can extend and adapt the standard solution to fulfill your needs. And all it takes is to register in the SMC portal. 

The SMC IFRS17 Solution is very modular and provides answers to all critical aspects of an IFRS17 implementation. You may use it end-to-end or simply pick and choose the functionality you need to achieve a professional IFRS17 business application. Thanks to the underlying the SMC technology, you will get a working business application by just writing the business logic in our Computational Notebooks. 





Key benefits


Empowering business experts to create and modify Data Models, Business Logic, and Data Importers/Exporters without the need of advanced IT skills. This allows for agile adaptation to any changing requirements.


Achieve greater transparency by consolidating specification, documentation, and code within modern and user-friendly Computational Notebooks. This approach simplifies communication and enhances understanding.


Experience rapid time-to-production with our revolutionary business application development concept. From configuration and adaptation to deployment in production, our streamlined process ensures speedy implementation. It saves you time and resources.


Our solution maintains rigorous controls and an auditable process. Every change is properly tracked and documented, supporting compliance and accountability.


Harness the capabilities of Systemorph Cloud with our robust and high-performance cloud-native infrastructure. It provides the scalability required to meet non-functional requirements.


Remain cost-effective by selecting your sourcing strategy based on your needs, cloud-usage and chosen service level: from developing yourself to a full-serviced model. You pay only for what you need.

Systemorph IFRS17 Product Features

We offer the simplest, fastest to implement, and most flexible IFRS17 software solution. Experience enterprise grade functionality without the usual implementation time, cost, or risk.

The SMC IFRS17 Solution is comprehensive, end-to-end and cloud native. It delivers all needed functionality out of the box and allows for easy customization. The implementation interface is based on SMC Notebooks and allows users to mix prose texts, formulae, and numeric examples in one place, ensuring business rules are transparent, and specifications can be understood by multiple departments from technical to business.

Standard IFRS17 Calculations

All standard IFRS17 calculations are pre-programmed using the SMC fluent domain-specific language (based on .NET). You can use the implementation as is or modify it as you like to suit your specific needs. In the future, other languages, like Python, will also be supported.


The Calculation Engine can not only compute the figures of the current period, but also the whole run-off of the in-force portfolio for any individual or grouped future periods. Furthermore, you can also estimate future new business and the solution can also calculate the projections for these portfolios.

Scenario Analysis

The Calculation Engine supports independent computations of a multitude of scenarios for sensitivity and as-if analysis. One can vary the parameters or cash flows to obtain the desired results, and even define custom business logic for pre-defined scenarios.

Accounting Events

Accounting Events can be defined as any other formula in the system. They can be fully customized to fulfill any requirements, such as granularity, mapping to the Chart of Accounts, type of ledger and many more.

Business Application

The Systemorph IFRS17 product becomes a professional business application for end users. This means that at the end of the system configuration, you will receive a working application with all the content defined and presented in a modern and user-friendly interface.

Computation Notebooks

The modern development user interface based on Computation Notebooks allows business users to define the documentation and specification together with the code, minimizing the risk of inconsistency and that the system gets out of sync.

Data Modeling

A consistent data model is at the core of the Systemorph IFRS17 Solution. To achieve this, we offer a rich toolset allowing business experts to define, check, test and enhance data models to fulfill all business requirements.

Data Access and Import/Export

One key element to achieve a successful system implementation is to bring data as soon as possible to the data model. The Systemorph IFRS17 product relies on the Systemorph Cloud data management modules, which makes data access to any source very intuitive. Furthermore, the underlying technology offers a wide range of options to define data importers or exporters, allowing businesses experts to define and configure them as required.

Business Process

Define and configure a fully auditable Business Process based on the data you submitted to the IFRS17 Solution. Have the flexibility to determine validations, number of sign-off, roles and dependencies you need and visualize the status any time in a clear and user-friendly dashboard interface.

Process Documentation

Comment and ask questions on the results directly on the application where the data is presented. The Systemorph IFRS17 solution allows editors and reviewers to communicate directly in the platform, generating a consistent context-aware process documentation that is always in sync and never gets lost.

How to start with Systemorph IFRS17

You do not start from scratch.

We provide a standard working IFRS17 template, which can be used immediately. You’re able to explore all the available features and see the examples we have prepared. Or just create your own copy and import your data to see how your numbers look.

With our IFRS17 out of the box template you have a great basis to start with. Adapt it easily to your specific data situation and your actuarial methodology.

All you need to do is to register in the SMC Portal. You can then try the whole functionality and experiment with the IFRS17 template for free for 30 days.

Our IFRS17 Team

Daniel Trzesniak

Daniel Trzesniak

IFRS17 Lead

Filippo Salghetti-Drioli

Filippo Salghetti-Drioli

IFRS17 Key Account

Davide Colleoni

Davide Colleoni

Product Owner IFRS17 Calculation Engine

Slavomir Batka

Slavomir Batka

Consulting Actuary

Wolfgang Mähr

Wolfgang Mähr

Head of sales

Check out some IFRS17 specific VLOG entries

The SMC IFRS17 Solution is very modular and provides solutions to all critical aspects of an IFRS17 implementation. You may use it end-to-end or simply pick and choose the functionality you need to achieve a professional IFRS17 business application. See some of our examples:


Claudio Tröhler

Transactional Executive

P&C Structured Solutions

Swiss Re

Swiss Re’s IFRS17 PAA Calculator, an invaluable asset that we offer to our clients, is a tool to quantitatively perform a PAA eligibility test, including an evaluation of the impact of a reinsurance transaction on the client IFRS17 financials under several scenarios. Its accuracy and the speed at which it was delivered in a complex IFRS17 landscape have been truly impressive. Our partnership with Systemorph has been exceptionally seamless, and I look forward to its continued success.

Thomas Budny

Group Accounting


Familienversicherung AG

With Systemorph, we transformed our financial landscape. They took our complex structured data and cash flows and seamlessly integrated them into our general ledgers and disclosures. Financial simplification is not just a promise – it’s a reality!

Simon Steinbach



Systemorph was selected as our trusted partner to develop the technical IFRS17 solution of YOUPLUS. Through this partnership we benefit from direct and effective collaboration with their team which has deep knowledge of the insurance business. Combined with Systemorph’s proprietary cutting-edge technology, we feel confident in being able to fulfil the IFRS17 requirements.