IFRS17 Use Case


Steer your business with your own
Systemorph business application.

Streamline your data

Our Financial Planing & Analysis (FP&A) solution is designed to improve your financial planning and analysis based on your existing IFRS17 implementation. You can steer your business for the main pillars of FP&A: earnings, liquidity, solvency, and any other KPIs.


  • Forecast earnings and balances under IFRS17 or other regimes.
  • Integrate bottom-up and top-down planning approaches.
  • Scale m odelled projections by estimates of business volume.
  • Analyse results by source, drill down by components, compare Actual to Expected.


  • Project Balance Sheets for existing and new business, including new initiatives.
  • Aggregate and correlate hierarchies of risks.
  • Project capital requirements and risk margins under Solvency II or Swiss Solvency Test.
  • Integrate capital planning with cash and earnings projections.


  • Track and analyze liquidity indicators against defined thresholds.
  • Define and calculate liquidity ratios.
  • Manage debt financing and profits release into dividends.

Beyond Financials

  • Track your wide range of financial and non-financial indicators like: ESG reporting, other KPI targets, market data, benchmarks, clients, sales force, workforce etc.
  • Quantify scenarios and sensitivities.
  • Test the impact of different shock events on financial performance.

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