IFRS17 Use Case


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The primary use case for IFRS17 is accounting. Based on the open-source Calculation Engine, you can define all required business logic to obtain the IFRS17 figures as you would like to. 

1. Building Blocks

Use the building blocks provided by Systemorph to specify your IFRS17 calculation engine in the way you need it: not more, not less.

2. Methodologies

All methodologies available: BAA, PAA and VFA for Gross, and BAA and PAA for Reinsurance Held.

3. Settings

Set the assumptions and import your cash flows to calculate Present Values of Future Cash Flows, Risk Adjustment, Contractual Service Margin / Loss Component.

4. Understand

Understand the results by looking at the Balance Sheet, Financial Performance and many more reports you need.

5. Production

Produce your Accounting Events and map them to the Chart of Accounts for posting.

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